Staff Directory


Patrick Klein
Artistic Director

pklein [at] paplayers [dot] org


Elizabeth Santana

Managing Director

esantana [at] paplayers [dot] org


Peter M. Bliznick
Executive Director Emeritus

pbliznick [at] paplayers [dot] org



Andrew Kracht 
Box Office, Operations, and Social Media Manager

akracht [at] paplayers [dot] org


Lisa Pelizzi 
Box Office and Online Content Associate

lpelizzi [at] paplayers [dot] org


David Yick-Koppel
House Manager

dyick-koppel [at] paplayers [dot] org


Claudia McCarley 

cmcarley [at] paplayers [dot] org


Nikolaj Sorensen
Technical Director/Production Manager

nsorensen [at] paplayers [dot] org


Pat Tyler
Costume and Prop Rental Manager

ptyler [at] paplayers [dot] org


Joyce Goldschmid
Company Photographer

photography [at] paplayers [dot] org